Tricks to make your apartment looks bigger than it really is! – Camerich New York City
New York City

If you don’t like the hassle of construction and don’t have the budget to move into a bigger space, we’ve got some tips and tricks for you to make your apartment looking bigger, and give the illusion of endless space. What’s more is that these are just as simple as adding a decorative feature. 100% Hassle free!


Firstly; choose low furniture. Choosing low furniture opens up the visual field as well as open the space. If you do require big pieces of furniture, like clothing cabinets, choose a light color and opt for sliding doors because it requires less space.


Secondly is to let light in strategically. Choose a light color for your walls, or decorative features. like white or pastels. The light colors allow light to bounce off the walls, adding brightness to the space and is a visual trick to open up the space..


Our next tip is excellent for mirror selfies. That’s right, add a mirror to your space. The mirror adds dimension to the space because it reflects both the light and the interior of the space. If possible choose a big mirror in front of a window to reflect light from the outside.


Our last and final tip might not be something that many of us think of; Lighting. It can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Contrary to popular belief, halogen lamps do not enlarge a space. Instead, it tends to gives the visual impression that the ceiling is a lower than it should be, and actually makes the room appear smaller than it should. Using lighting fixtures that are warm adds brightness to the darkest space and can instantly add dimension and depth. If you’re not big on standing lamps or hanging fixtures, use table lamps as accent pieces to accessorize as well as immediately brighten up an area.


These tips and tricks will immediately make your home appear bigger than it actually is.