Our Neighbourhood: Chelsea – Camerich New York City
New York City

Chelsea is one of the places within Manhattan that has many hidden gems everywhere. We are constantly inspired by our neighborhood and can spend the afternoon walking around being captivated by some of the most intriguing sights and sounds of the city, and what this dynamic and energetic neighborhood has to offer. Here are some of our favorite places in the neighborhood that we hope you get to experience for yourself!

  1. The Highline

What used to be an old railway track has been converted to a scenic elevated park that extends from Gansevoort street, a few blocks from 14th street to the west side of 34th  street near Javits Center. No matter which direction you are walking in, you will get waterfront views of New Jersey and the Hudson river. As you inch closer to the exit on 34th street, you will be able to see new and futuristic architectural developments conceived by Zaha Hadid and Bjarke Ingels– both revolutionary architects of their time who have changed the skyline of various cities with their innovation and dynamic take on architecture. We recommend going in the evening to witness spectacular sunsets and for the best lighting in pictures.


  1. Chelsea Galleries

The summer days are hot, humid and can really get you working up a sweat. If walking in the hot sun is not your cup of tea, cool off in one of the many art galleries lined up along 21st to 28th streets between 10th and 11th avenues. With more contemporary artists who work on more conceptual pieces, it is a great way to see how culture influences art and vice-versa. Did we mention that these galleries are mostly free entry and tourist free? A great way to spend an afternoon if you ask us!


  1. Chelsea Market

After all that walking and exploring, we’re sure you’ve definitely worked up an appetite.

While there are many eateries and restaurants within Chelsea itself, our top pick has to be

Chelsea market for its variety and unique flavors. From ramen burgers to tacos and vegan

sushi, there is something for every craving and budget! Just be sure not to spend all your money on the cute trinkets there!


We hope this has given you an idea of what an afternoon in Chelsea can be like. Now go out and experience it for yourself!