Niki Cheng: Work, Life, Balance – Camerich New York City
New York City
Meet Niki Cheng, the co-owner of several home furnishing stores in New York. Though she has a retail furniture empire today, Niki and her life and business partner Shaokao Cheng began their business from scratch.
In addition to her business, Niki makes sure to pay attention and care to her personal life, taking on the roles of business woman, wife, mother, and daily yoga practitioner. Partnered with Shaokao for over 15 years, Niki shared that managing a marriage and business is not easy, she is grateful that her husband and business partner can always bring the best out of herself as well as support her unconditionally…
yoga clip, courtesy of Michael Cutrone

photos, courtesy of Mireya Acierto, Shahid Hasan and Tayler Studinksi

Niki Cheng: Work, Life, Balance