Interior Trends of 2018 – Camerich New York City
New York City

2018’s interior trends draws a lot of its influence from elements in Art Deco. Introduced after WWI, it comprises of deep colors, graphic forms, and materials such as velvet and brass that work together to create elegance with a subtle hint of decadence. In this article, we give you tips on how you can work these trends into your current interiors.


The biggest textile trend for interiors this year is velvet. A material that has most commonly been associated heaviness, opulence and luxury is now a chic material that designers are happy to work with. If you’re still deciding on a focal piece for your space, invest in a statement velvet piece such as a velvet sofa, or a set of velvet dining chairs. Smaller pieces such as a velvet ottoman or velvet cushion covers are an easier way to introduce this material into any space. Rest assured whatever you choose, the sheen from the material itself will add a touch of decadence and warmth into any space.


With regards to color, a deep red – close to burgundy is the way to go. Often understood as the color of royalty, this shade of red adds intensity and personality to any space and is the perfect compliment for all your green indoor plants. Throw in a pillow, a textured throw, or make a real statement with a wall in this lovely deep shade of red? The intensity will add depth to your room and is one way to escape the realities of the ordinary without leaving the comfort of your home.


Need some inspiration? These spaces might give you the encouragement you need to start!