4 tips to make your home look cool during the summer – Camerich New York City
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The sun is very shining hot through the summer. I will introduce the summer interior designs to make your home look cool even in the hot and stuffy summer.

  1. Colorize your home


Fill with cold colors such as green, blue and bright white colors. You can create a cool mood in the home and feel the coolness.





2.Change the material for the furniture.


Replace the material of the furniture which can look hot like a leather sofa in the summer to the fabric. It is also a way to cover a leather sofa with a thin cloth.

In addition, Place household items such as glass, metal, and marble in your home. These materials are not only feel cold but also visually cool, so they can make your home cooler.


3.Utilize patterns !

Summer is the season of patterns. Create a cool mood with colorful and large patterns using stripes or botanical&tropical patterns. These patterns will give you a visual sense of coolness.





4.Place an lively Green plant or flower Decor


It is said that when the humidity around you decreases, the temperature of your body feels lower. Use plants that hold humidity and give you a feeling of freshness throughout the home. Cool interior design, as well as fresh air can be obtained.



I hope you have a cool summer by using this tips! Come down the Camerich in Chelsea, you can get them easily!

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